HTML5 allows for MathML elements

The HTML syntax of HTML5 allows for MathML elements to be used inside a document using <math>...</math> tags.

Most of the web browsers can display MathML tags. If your browser does not support MathML, then I would suggest you to use latest version of Firefox.

You can check W3 Specification for MathML at MathML 2.0 Specification.

MathML Examples:

Following is a valid HTML5 document with MathML:

<!doctype html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>Pythagorean theorem</title></head><body> <math xmlns=""><mrow> <msup><mi>a</mi><mn>2</mn></msup> <mo>+</mo> <msup><mi>b</mi><mn>2</mn></msup> <mo>=</mo> <msup><mi>c</mi><mn>2</mn></msup></mrow> </math></body> </html>  

This would produce following result:

a2 + b2 = c2 

Using MathML Characters:

Consider, following is the markup which makes use of the characters &InvisibleTimes;:

<!doctype html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>MathML Examples</title></head><body> <math xmlns=""> <mrow>  <mrow> <msup> <mi>x</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msup> <mo>+</mo> <mrow> <mn>4</mn> <mo>⁢</mo> <mi>x</mi> </mrow> <mo>+</mo> <mn>4</mn>  </mrow> <mo>=</mo> <mn>0</mn> </mrow> </math> </body> </html>  
 x2 + 4x + 4 = 0

Matrix Presentation Examples:

Consider the following example which would be used to represent a simple 2x2 matrix:

<!doctype html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>MathML Examples</title></head><body> <math xmlns=""> <mrow>  <mi>A</mi>  <mo>=</mo>  <mfenced open="[" close="]"> <mtable> <mtr>  <mtd><mi>x</mi></mtd>  <mtd><mi>y</mi></mtd> </mtr> <mtr>  <mtd><mi>z</mi></mtd>  <mtd><mi>w</mi></mtd> </mtr> </mtable> </mfenced></mrow> </math> </body> </html>  

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